Real Fruit. Real Flavor. That's Ski. Uniquely refreshing with a punch of caffeine and real fruit for the ultimate ahh factor.

  • The Real Deal
    Ski was born in 1956 by combining the natural flavors of real lemon and real orange juices, with a kick. In 2009, Ski introduced the famous slogan, "Real Lemon, Real Orange, Real Good."
  • ''...and a bottle of Ski...''
    Yes! That's us the Kentucky Headhunters are singing about in their 1990 song "Dumas Walker." The phrase "slaw burger, fries, and a bottle of Ski" refers to the house special at a popular restaurant in Greensburg, KY.
  • Ski? Like ''whiskey'' or ''brewski''?
    Not exactly. When Ski was created in 1956, the company asked employees to come up with a name for it. After a weekend-long ski trip on the Chickamauga Lake, then-employee, Dot Myers, submitted the name, "Ski." We think it fits!
  • What's all the buzz about?
    It's been said that people love Ski because of the extra of caffeine it contains. It's also been rumored that the extra kick you get with every sip of Ski makes people fall in love. Or could it be the overall taste is just awesome? Whatever the reason, we are here to keep sharing the love!