A bold, refreshing citrus soda, bursting with all-natural orange flavor. Oranta brings taste bud tingling enjoyment to families all over the world.

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  • Oranta
  • Around the World
    Did you know…Since its creation in 1995, Oranta has been enjoyed in over 17 countries all over the world. Turns out, the fresh, natural orange flavor of Oranta is a true international language.
  • Mr. Popular
    Orange flavored soda is the number one preferred flavored soda worldwide. We can say that it really is true, as Oranta is one of our most popular international brands.
  • Coming to the U.S.A.
    Big news! We are making plans to bring Oranta to the States. Now, more people than ever will have the chance to experience the delicious taste of orange bursting through each taste bud!
  • All-Natural Goodness
    Every delicious drop of Oranta is made with100 all-natural flavors. Oranta was introduced overseas in 1995 as a unique alternative to other orange soft drinks that contain artificial flavors.