Double-Dry isn’t just ginger ale. It’s the all-natural, great tasting, smile making, feel good ginger ale that you grew up on. Reviving Tradition, because looking back takes you forward.

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  • DoubleDry
  • Since 1934
    Double-Dry was first introduced in the 1930’s along with other flavors such as Double-Orange and Double-Grape.
  • Mother Nature’s Little Secret
    When your stomach is feeling upset, munching on some real ginger can help. That’s why many people grow up drinking ginger ale to help calm an upset stomach!
  • Beyond the Holidays
    Double-Dry Ginger Ale is a classic drink for the holidays! However, don’t stop there. Grab a 20oz any time of the year and enjoy the fresh things in life!
  • Life of the Party

    Double-Dry Punch

    1 Large Can Pineapple Juice

    1 Small Can Frozen Limeade and Lemonade

    3 - 20oz. Bottles or 1 - 2 Liter Ski

    1 Large Frozen Lime Sherbet

    1 - 2 Liter of Double-Dry Ginger Ale

    Mix pineapple juice, frozen limeade and lemonade together in punch bowl. Add 3 or more bottles of Ski and stir. Add frozen lime sherbet. Add Double-Dry Ginger Ale as needed.