Crisp, clean and refreshing. Made with 100% natural flavors and no caffeine, Chaser is a satisfying drink the whole family can enjoy.

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  • Chaser
  • Why “Chaser”?
    Back in 1925, the formula for “Chaser” was created by a Memphis man named Jamie S. Chase. No one could come up with just the right name for this bubbly, lemon-lime concoction. After much brainstorming, the name "Chaser" came to mind after its creator, Mr. Chase.
  • Growing and Growing
    It's hard not to love the clean crisp taste of Chaser. Maybe that's why it's our fastest growing brand.
  • A Fizzy Phenomenon
    Did you know the carbonation in soft drinks like Chaser do more than create that irresistible fizzy taste? Carbonation also drives out oxygen, which can make a beverage's shelf-life longer!
  • Welcome back!
    The Memphis native brand, Chaser, was introduced as an international brand in 1956, and soon after was only available outside the country. But, in 2010, Chaser made its way back to the good ol' U.S. of A.