Product Ambassadors


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The Double Cola Company isn’t known for taking the easy way out. Our brands represent the path less traveled. They represent those who never settle for the ordinary and crave something that is refreshingly different.

Our products can be hard to find, but easy to love. Because of that, we are looking for ambassadors to help grow the brand.

The Mission

Our product ambassadors act as vigilantes for our brands. They look to introduce refreshing options to consumers. They liven up the atmosphere around them and make people feel at home – one shared sip at a time.

Our ambassadors serve as the face of our brands. They represent the first memory that consumers could have with our products and brands. So we ask them to be energetic, confident, and leave a lasting positive impression.


We don’t ask for much from our ambassadors. Most of our ambassadors lead busy lives, so we understand that we aren’t the primary focus in our ambassador’s lives. All we ask is that we are the primary focus when the brand needs you.

When called upon, here are some of the things that we could ask our ambassadors to do:
– Present samples of our amazing products to customers.
– Help our distributors with in-store promotions and sampling events.
– Visit stores to see where our products and displays are at certain locations.
– Put together post sampling event reports.

Skills Needed

Our ambassadors have several unique skills and interests. That’s why they fell in love with our brands in the first place. So all we ask is that you bring your uniqueness and meet a few general characteristics:
– Excellent communication skills.
– Self-motivated, highly energetic and an outgoing personality.
– Reliable, trustworthy, and a strong work ethic.
– Resourceful, organized, and love the details.
– Flexible, with a flexible can-do attitude.


We do have a few requirements that we ask all aspiring ambassadors:
– A valid driver’s license.
– Reliable transportation to and from events.
– Ability to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
– Ability to stand for 6 hours or longer.
– Ability to lift boxes of 25 pounds or more.


Our ambassadors are contract positions and are paid at an hourly rate depending on the type of activity and/or event conducted. Details of compensation and work required are determined before any work is performed.


Send us your resume to using the subject line “Product Ambassador Applicant.” We will follow up at a later date.